Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution

@ Queen Mary University London

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Magdalena Ines Schacht PhD student

Queen Mary University of London PhD student. I am interested in arthropod development and evolution.


  1. Molecular characterization and embryonic origin of the eyes in the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum. Christoph Schomburg, Natascha Turetzek, Magdalena Ines Schacht, Julia Schneider, Phillipp Kirfel, Nikola-Michael Prpic and Nico Posnien. EvoDevo 2015 6:15
  2. A key role for foxQ2 in anterior head and central brain patterning in insects. Peter Kitzmann, Matthias Wei├čkopf, Magdalena Ines Schacht and Gregor Bucher. Development 2017 144:2969-2981