Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution

@ Queen Mary University London

Joe, Carlos and Priyam present at Insect Genomics meeting

The Royal Entomological Society’s Insect Genomics Interest Group meeting took place on May 16th at the Rothamsted Research Centre.

The speakers to this event included highly relevant researchers from all over the world, covering a wide range of subjects in insect genomics, from pest control to evolutionary biology. Of course the Wurmlab could not miss this chance and Carlos Martinez-Ruiz, Joe Colgan and Anurag Priyam attended the event to disseminate our research:

  • Joe gave a talk on the signatures of positive selection in the genomes of bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) from populations around the UK
  • Carlos presented the preliminary results of his PhD project on the signatures of evolutionary conflict in the transcriptome of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta
  • Priyam presented a poster explaining the benefits of using SequenceServer as a BLAST interface and using GeneValidator to determine quality of gene predictions.

The meeting was very fruitful, and offered exciting opportunities for collaborations between the Wurmlab and other researchers from institutions in the UK and abroad.

We look forward to the next meeting!

May 16, 2017