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Development report (for my school, Insa de Lyon). Timepark-report January 2004.


Timepark pre-alpha development preview. This software is neither stable nor polished, it is merely a proof of feasibility prototype. Download for Mac OS X 10.3.

Timepark framework

An open source modeling and simulation framework, used as the backend for Timepark. Permits object-oriented modeling of dynamic systems.

  • An object’s position is defined by it’s (x,y,z) properties; object classes may inherit these and additionally defined properties.

  • A property’s value can be defined by ordinary differential equations (ODEs).

  • A property can evolve differently depending on the system’s state through the use of control statements which are functions of any of the system’s objects properties (eg: if light is green then d(x)/dt = 10 else d(x)/dt =0.

Technologies: C++ STL, Flex/Yacc, Xerces, OpenGL

Download Source and documentation soon…

November 18, 2006